Scripture For Today: Exodus 34:5 – 9, James 4:6-10

“And the Lord descended in the cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord.”
Exodus 34:5

Each fall for the last few years I have been able to spend a couple of days with some of the men of our church on the banks of the Pend Oreille river in north east Washington. I love to get up early and go over to the dining hall, grab a cup of coffee, and head out by the river side for a few minutes. Each morning I am met by a morning fog that blankets the whole area and makes it feel as if I am completely isolated from the world around and from the soon encroaching heat of the day. Standing silently in the morning mist that will soon give way to the activities of the day I find myself surrounded by the presence of God as I call out to Him and seek Him in the Word. Just standing in the mist of the morning fog surrounded by the mist of the presence of God is worth the trip for me, and somehow leaves me refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. My mornings in the mist are productive in my life.

In Exodus 34 God descends in a cloud and stands there with Moses and proclaims the name of the LORD. Moses had just left the people and gone up on the mountain to once again receive from The Lord the commandments written in stone. He had been angry and disappointed as he dealt with the sin of the people and the sin of his own brother in leading them to worship the calves he fashioned for them. He was exhausted, resigned to life as it is, and just praying for a moment of refreshing from the presence of God. He went up that mountain seeking the face of God. Now he finds himself listening to the voice of God out of the cloud as God declares His own name and His mercy toward men. Moses responds to God by falling on His face and begging God for His presence to go among them as they make the journey ahead.

Each morning you can meet with God in the mist of His word and your closet of prayer. You can talk with Him face to face as He proclaims His own name as sufficient, His mercy abundant, and His presence assured throughout your day. Learn to respond as Moses responded. First, Seek God’s presence in the quiet of the morning each day. Second, humble yourself before Him, He is God and is meeting you in the quiet of the morning, worship Him. Third, Ask God for His going among you as you follow the journey of this new day. Commit your way to following Him and seek His continual presence as you live each moment of the day ahead. God will respond and give sufficient mercy and grace in the trials and battles of the day as you live in his presence and keep Him on the throne of your heart.

Start each morning in the mist!