Since announcing to the church that we will be leaving to go on the Evangelism trail full time life has gone into overdrive.  We are in the early stages of selling most of our belongings, we have purchased a Fifth Wheel “house”, and as I write this I am sitting in a Chevrolet dealership trying to make a deal for a heavier duty truck to pull our new home.

My purpose is to just remind you of the calm that comes in the center of the will of God.  Hectic describes my life, just trying to figure which parts of my print library, what clothes and dishes to take, and making sure I have room for my golf clubs all threaten to consume my focus.  In addition to those issues of preparation there is the need for continued meeting planning, study time in the Word and preparing materials to promote the new ministry, whew.  All this while continuing to pastor our church and maintain a little balance.

Through all of this hectic swirling of my life is the constant assurance of the call of God and promise of His leadership and provision. It is God who has given the burden for revival that is lived from day to day not just talked about in longing tones and generic terms. Gods hand on us as we transition to a new ministry and life makes all of the hectic ness – calm.